Diet Fails (it’s not about the diet)

It’s not the diet, it’s your approach to the diet that’s the problem!

tomato on plate soft edgesUnless you’ve been out of touch with all print, electronic and broadcast media, you have seen and heard the latest ads hyping the newest celebrity spokespersons for all the big diet plans.

Let’s face it, many of those past and present celebrities continue to be on a roller coaster ride with their weight.

A direct quote from the diet and weight loss industry is, “If they don’t do good (sic) on it, it doesn’t mean the product doesn’t work.  It just means that they’re not sticking to it.”

Well… sticking to a diet plan IS the problem!

The plan we’re referring to is not the diet itself.  The plan for every diet or weight loss program is always some variation of behavior modification, or in the new parlance, “Behavior Analysis”, which is used to try to get people to stick to the diet.  The basic tenet is, if you use willpower to repeat a behavior long enough it will become a habit.  But controlling your behavior and sticking to the diet is not the only thing you must do. With most other plans, besides Relax and Lose Weight, you also have to:

  • Control Your Home Environment by keeping tempting foods out of the house and out of sight.  Stay out of the kitchen.  Always have healthy snacks handy.
  • Control Your Work Environment and don’t eat at your desk.  Forget about eating the food at the office party and instead, bring your own.  Also, don’t eat at break-time; take a walk outside if you can.
  • Control Your Mealtime Environment and Manage Your Daily Food Intake. Do not be influenced by your family and friends who want you to eat more.
  • Put a Support Group Together Because You Can’t Do It Alone
  • Keep a Journal 
  • Whatever other things, depending on the plan

This approach to the problem has proven to be not effective over and over again.

Diets work just fine.  If you eat healthy, portion controlled meals you will lose weight.  How much weight you lose depends on how long you’re willing to stick to the plan. Of course, when you do reach your goal, you have to worry about keeping the weight off.  Studies (and your own experience) show that it’s only a matter of time before you gain it all back and maybe more.

Just recall many of the celebrity spokespersons.  All got paid a fortune to lose weight and still have struggled to keep it off or didn’t keep it off for long at all. It’s not the diet that fails, but the attached behavior modification system that has proven over and over again to be ineffective and short lived.

The modified behavior ends when your goal is reached, when willpower is just too hard, or when rationalizations take over.  Behavior modification (classical conditioning) wasn’t even permanent for Pavlov’s dogs!   It’s not the diet, it’s the approach to the diet that’s all wrong.

So, what IS the right approach to weight loss? By utilizing Intrinsic Motivation instead of Behavior Modification, you will never have to rely on your own willpower again!  You will lose weight permanently without ever feeling deprived. Below is a Behavior Modification vs. Intrinsic Motivation Comparison Table for an explanation of how this approach works:

Behavior Modification vs. Intrinsic Motivation Comparison Table:

Behavior Modification

Intrinsic Motivation

Keep tempting foods out of the house because if they’re around you’ll never be able to stop yourself. You can have whatever you want.  You find that foods are no longer a temptation.  If you decide to eat something delicious, you automatically moderate the amount you eat.
You’re focused on losing weight. You’re focused on being slim and trim.
If you have a “bad day” you’ve blown it.  The diet is “out the window.” If you eat too much at one meal you automatically compensate at the next.
You must deprive yourself of the food you love. You can eat whatever you want but you find yourself making better choices.
You can’t wait until the diet is over so you can eat what you’ve been missing. You’re never on a diet unless you want to be for your own convenience and you don’t feel deprived.  The eating habits necessary to achieve and maintain your goal quickly become a new way of life.
You’re relying on willpower. Your intrinsic motivation makes willpower unnecessary.
When you reach your target weight you go back to your old eating habits and gain all the weight back and maybe more. You’ll never have to worry about your weight again.  You made a change in your motivation, in your attitude, in your subconscious mind which created an automatic and permanent change in your behavior.  And you love eating even more!

Relax and Lose Weight™ is different than anything you have ever tried before.  We help you to establish weight loss goals centered on Intrinsic Motivation by using the power of your subconscious mind.  Your mind is already wired to succeed. Intrinsic Motivation on the subconscious level is what you have always used to permanently achieve anything you have ever set your mind to so you already know how it works (at least your subconscious does).

Achieving goals with Intrinsic Motivation is spontaneous and permanent. For more information on this proven goal achievement system, just watch the three free videos on our home page.  If you’ve already watched all three, you can take advantage of our lifetime membership found on the Membership Page and learn how to master the system for life.

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